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The fourth Saturday of every September has become a special date within Alberta. The Alberta Government declared this day each year to be Provincial Hunting Day; the first annual event was held in 2007. This year’s Provincial Hunting Day takes place on September 28, 2013. It marks the sixth annual event, and is a reminder to all Albertans of our hunting heritage, and of the importance of securing a future for wildlife and wild places, especially within our own province.

 Alberta is a wonderful province to live in and we enjoy an abundance of natural wealth. This treasure is here due to the perseverance and dedication of outdoorsmen and women who are committed to conservation endeavours.

 Alberta has recorded 120,900 hunters for 2012, which is nearly a 27% increase from the number of hunters in 2003. This is consistent with previous annual activity, which has remained stable or has shown small increases since 1996. The fastest growing interest in hunting has come from youth and female hunters in Alberta; for 2012 there were 7801 recorded youth hunters, and 9806 female hunters. These figures indicate strong support for hunting in the province.

 Across the province, in an effort to honour Provincial Hunting Day, hunters are encouraged to take a newcomer out and offer the opportunity to participate in a mentored hunt. To learn more about mentorship programs, visit for the Outdoor Bound 2013 information and Provincial Hunting Day information and sign up forms.

 This year the Alberta Hunter Education Instructors’ Association and Hunting For Tomorrow are offering a daylong event for those who want to explore the outdoors and expand their shooting and hunting knowledge on Provincial Hunting Day.

·  Is there an outdoor activity that you have never tried, like shooting a shotgun, which you would like to learn in a safe and controlled environment?

·  Are you a beginner who is looking to improve your outdoor skills?

·  Are you already active in the outdoors but you would like to add to your skills?

·  Are you seeking the camaraderie of other like-minded individuals?

·  Would you like to celebrate Alberta’s hunting heritage by learning more about the outdoors, conservation, and more outdoor skills?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, join us for a day of fun outdoor activities at the Alford Lake Conservation Education Centre for Excellence for Provincial Hunting Day, September 28, 2013!  Alford Lake Conservation Education Center for Excellence is located approximately one hour west of Innisfail on Highways 54 and 591 (about 24 km West of Caroline) and then approximately 1.6 km north of Highway 591on Range Road 8-3 North.

 This day will be a celebration of hunting, fishing, and conservation in Alberta.  The goal is to engage more people in the outdoors and outdoor activities and to create experiences that will encourage them to continue these activities. All sessions are hands on and provide the opportunity to learn by doing.  This event is completely free and is fun for the whole family! The day starts at 9:00 a.m. and ends at 6:30 p.m. and includes free lunch and a pig roast barbeque for dinner. Prizes and free items will be available. The following sessions will be included at the event (you will choose your specific sessions when you arrive):


·        Archery

·        Building a Survival Kit

·        Crossbows

·        Firearms Range: Black Powder

·        Firearms Range: Center Fire

·        Firearms Range: Rim Fire

·        Firearms Range: Shotgun

·        Gone Fishing (afternoon sessions only)

·        Kids Corner (Ages 6 and younger)

·        Knife and Axe Sharpening

·        Knot Tying

·        Predator Awareness

·        Tree Stand Safety

·        Waterfowl – Identification & Field Dressing

·        Wild Game Calling


How Do I Attend?

To take part in this event, visit our web-site at to download the 2013 Provincial Hunting Day registration form or call our office and ask for a form to be emailed or faxed to you:  Edmonton Conservation Education Centre for Excellence at 780-466-6682 or toll free at 1-866-282-4342

 We hope to see you on Provincial Hunting Day, September 28, 2013, at the Alford Lake Conservation Education Centre for Excellence!

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Provincial Hunting Day 2009:
Celebrating Our Hunting Heritage

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July 15, 2008

In 2007, Alberta declared the first Provincial Hunting Day for the province on September 22nd. This day promoted hunting as an important wildlife management tool, as well as a healthy outdoor activity that fosters strong connections to and awareness about nature and the environment.  A number of organizations provided opportunities, for committed hunting enthusiasts and those who might be interested in hunting, to learn more about this activity.

Alberta Sustainable Resource Development is please to inform you that the success and support of Alberta's first Provincial Hunting Day led to the Alberta government recently announcing this special day as an annual event on the fourth Saturday in September.

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Successful provincial Hunting day Story
October 2, 2008

My name is Brendan Dzioba, I am 15 years old and I’ve only been hunting a couple of years. This is my story on the official Alberta Hunting day.

It was the weekend of September 21st and 22nd and my dad and I decided to go for a hunting trip out to Hinton. We started the trip Friday afternoon getting out to the campsite early evening, so we decided to go for an evening hunt. Heading down the trail we saw lots of sign but nothing was responding to the bugle so just before sundown after not hearing or seeing anything we decided to head back to camp and start the next day.   

The next morning we got up before sunrise drove down the road and found a spot worthy to try a bugle. My dad just took his lips of the bugle when a bull responded. Frantically we grabbed out gear and headed down the trail towards where we thought the call came from. As we were walking my dad kept calling, we were getting closer then the winds changed and our scent was blowing in the direction of the bull. Then all we heard was a barking sound that seemed to be just up ahead and then the whole forest went silent. We both knew this wasn’t good but we kept trying to get a response or come upon the bull but nothing. After about an hour of walking we went back to the truck deciding to go have lunch back at camp. As we were driving down the trail back to camp we decided to stop and try another call about a mile down the road. Again as soon as his lips came off the bugle a bull responded but this was close within a few hundred yards, we grabbed our gear, checked the wind seeing everything was perfect headed out after the bull. We kept walking and calling trying to find this bull but it seemed as if it was walking away from us. We called this bull the “chicken bull.” He just kept going farther and farther away from us so we decided to change tactics we set up in the tree line of an opening, bugled once and waited. Then all we heard was a “snap!” of a twig and a Beautiful 6 by 6 elk walked into the opening. After about 2 and half hours the prized bull of our dreams was laying on the ground.






September 24, 2007


Well, by all accounts it sounds like we had a lot of great activity take place across the Province on Provincial Hunting Day!   

At the Calgary Firearms Centre, 139 participants spent the day shooting and receiving coaching on trap and skeet shooting from 17 instructors.

 Minister Ted Morton, his wife and daughter all attended and stayed for several hours. They shot as well and had a great time!  Great job to AHEIA and Pheasants Forever Calgary for hosting this wonderful event.

 Various mentors from Grande Prairie to Hanna and from Slave Lake to Cold Lake sent in information advising of their activities.  We are trying to ensure that our registry of these events is complete, so if you were involved in any hunting or shooting event on Saturday, September 22, 2007 we’d like to hear from you.  Just a brief description on who was involved, general location (community name is fine) and mailing address for both the mentor and the participant. PHOTOS would be greatly appreciated!!

 We are sending out packages to everyone that was involved this past weekend, so we really appreciate hearing from you, so our list is as complete as possible. 

Hope you enjoyed your weekend!




 (Edmonton September 19, 2007) Alberta’s largest conservation group, the Alberta Fish & Game Association (AFGA), heartily commends the Alberta Government on the proclamation of September 22 as Provincial Hunting Day to increase the awareness of hunting as an acceptable and highly important part of environment and wildlife management not to mention a reminder of our provincial heritage.

 Hunters and anglers of this province are a driving force in conserving Alberta’s wild environs; whether it is through the licensing fees they pay, the donations they make to conservation organizations to secure critical habitat, or the labour they willingly provide to land reclamation or enhancement projects. Without these activities there would be much less of our province to enjoy in a natural state.

 “Too often, a negative image is cast upon those who hunt and the act of hunting,” said Maurice Nadeau, President of the AFGA.  “As our society becomes a more and more on-line, urbanized culture, the detachment between people and land becomes greater and greater, to the point where many no longer make the conscious connection between the meat on their plate and its origin.”  The AFGA is encouraged that the Government of Alberta has taken this step to help reverse this trend.”

 The AFGA believes; if more people became involved in hunting and the taking of game, they would in turn gain more respect for the wild and for the animals that provide them sustenance. The age old argument that hunting is cruel no longer holds water, if it ever did, as dispatching a deer with a bullet or arrow is much more humane than what nature has in store. Very few, if any, animals die peacefully of old age in the wilderness ---the lives of the old and weak usually end traumatically in the jaws of a predator! 

The Alberta Fish and Game Association is a not-for-profit volunteer organization proud to serve Albertans in the promotion of the wise use of our fish and wildlife resources and the conservation of their habitats. Celebrating its 99th anniversary the AFGA has been active since 1908 in working towards these goals. It has a province-wide membership of almost 15,000 individuals spread among 100+ Clubs.

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September 20, 2007

Edmonton... First-time hunters in Alberta will have the opportunity to learn, first-hand, hunting from experienced hunters through mentoring programs being launched September 22, 2007, on Provincial Hunting Day.

 Hunting for Tomorrow is enhancing their Outdoor Bound! Mentorship program with the establishment of an inventory of hunting mentors in Alberta. Everyone that registers will receive a complimentary Provincial Hunting Day participation package in recognition of their involvement. For more information, visit

 Pheasants Forever and the Alberta Hunter Education Instructors’ Association have again partnered for the 6th Annual Youth/Novice Fall Shoot to take place at the Calgary Firearms Centre at Dewinton.  Over 100 participants are expected to be in attendance for FREE on site instruction for youth and novice shooters, provided by experienced certified AHEIA instructors. Registration starts at 9:00 a.m. on September 22nd.  For more information, visit or

 Ducks Unlimited, a partner of Hunting for Tomorrow, is launching the new Hunting Heritage program on September 22. This fall, youth participants in waterfowl hunts will receive a copy of A Young Hunter’s Guide to Waterfowling and Conservation, a waterfowl ID guidebook, a waterfowl poster, a hunting edition of the Conservator and a one-year complimentary Greenwing membership. To prepare youth for the hunt, mentors will receive a DUC waterfowling ethics video and CD about waterfowl biology. Those wanting more information can visit, contact their local Ducks Unlimited Canada office or call 1-800-665-DUCK.

 September 22, 2007 marks Alberta’s first Provincial Hunting Day. One of the goals of this awareness day is to remind Albertans of the important role hunting and hunters play in wildlife management and conservation in the province. Many hunters receive their first introduction to hunting form family or friends as a tradition passed down from generation to generation and hunters across the Province are encouraged to do their part in introducing someone new to the outdoors. There are no changes to existing rules or fees for hunting on this day, nor does this allow for any additional opportunities to hunt on that day.

 For information regarding requirements necessary to be a hunter and hunting opportunities in Alberta, visit

Media enquiries may be directed to:

Darcy Whiteside
Sustainable Resource Development
To call toll-free within Alberta
dial 310-0000


Alberta Hunter Education Instructors' Association
Mr. Bob Gruszecki





September 13, 2007

September 22 celebrates Alberta’s safe and responsible hunting tradition

Edmonton... Alberta is designating September 22 as the first Provincial Hunting Day to promote hunting and hunter awareness and educate Albertans about the important role hunting plays in wildlife management and conservation.

“We’re losing the next generation of hunters to television, computers and shopping malls,”
said Ted Morton, Minister of Sustainable Resource Development. “We hope that Provincial Hunting Day will give young Albertans the opportunity to experience the outdoors and build greater respect for wildlife.”

Morton hopes Provincial Hunting Day will help change the negative perception held by some non-hunters.

“Hunters and hunting organizations work very hard to preserve natural areas and important wildlife habitat. Hunting also helps with reducing vehicle collisions, crop depredation from deer and elk, and addressing chronic wasting disease in deer.”

Alberta Sustainable Resource Development working through its many partners, including Hunting For Tomorrow, provide opportunities for first-time hunters to learn safe, responsible hunting practices through educational and mentorship programs. To learn more about hunting opportunities in Alberta, visit

Last year, the province issued more than 381,000 big game and bird game licences to 100,000 hunters. Big game hunting in Alberta contributes more than $100 million annually to the provincial economy.

Provincial Hunting Day is another action under Premier Ed Stelmach’s plan to improve Albertans’ quality of life. Other priorities for the government are to govern with integrity and transparency, build a stronger Alberta, manage growth pressures and promote safe and secure communities.


September 17, 2007

Alberta Sustainable Resource Development Minister, Ted Morton has declared
September 22nd, 2007 as a Provincial Hunting Day.

 Primarily this is a day of celebration and an encouragement for all hunters to make this “THE DAY” that they become involved in mentorship activities and take the time to introduce a new hunter to this unique opportunity.

 As a member of the Alberta retail community, we would invite you to become involved
with our celebration by offering your own promotional incentives, associated with this date.  This could be in the form of an “in store” coupon, discount, free merchandise, etc., whatever you might be able to put together on short notice.

 If you are interested in joining this celebration, simply e-mail me with your willingness to participate.  We will add this information to our web-site under “Check out the following supporting retailers” and can include links to your web-site or any promotional brochures, flyers or other materials that you may have.   

Information about the 2007 Outdoor Bound! Mentorship Program
and other initiatives taking place across the Province is available on our web-site at

 I realize that timing is very tight on this, however we want to do the best job that we can in continuing to support and build upon this initiative.  We look forward to hearing from you.

Your participation in this coalition maximizes our collective efforts.
Contact us to find out how you may become involved.